As the Director of Caregiving with the AARP Public Policy Institute, Rita Choula leads and provides content expertise on family caregiving initiatives throughout AARP and externally. Bridging policy and research to practice, much of her work focuses on identifying and supporting the needs of racially, ethnically and culturally diverse family caregivers through a multi-disciplinary approach that elevates the unique nature of each caregiving experience. She currently leads a strategic initiative that seeks to address disparities and build equity in long-term care for Black, Latino and Asian American Pacific Islander older adults and their family caregivers.

In collaboration with clinical experts and key stakeholders, Rita develops programs and tools that enable health care professionals to better recognize and support family caregivers across settings. Through the Home Alone Alliance, she leads the development and production of easily-accessible “How-To” videos that provide family caregivers with the technical information and guidance necessary to perform complex medical/nursing tasks. Most recently, Rita also managed a multi-million dollar, grant-funded initiative focused on elevating the recognition and support of family caregivers providing complex care by health care providers, particularly those in hospitals and larger health systems, through the identification of promising practices within these settings.

Rita has a background in corporate research in the health and information technology sectors. She served in the education field as the Assistant Principal of a parochial school for several years. Rita holds a Master’s degree in the Management of Aging Services from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.