Join AARP in taking action to Disrupt Disparities. Making a difference begins with one small action. What will you do?

    Be part of the movement to create an Illinois where older adults across communities can age with the economic stability, health care resources and digital connectivity they need to lead healthy, stable and rewarding lives.

    Sign the pledge below and share your commitment to being part of the solution in Illinois.

    Take the Pledge to Disrupt Disparities

    Change starts with me.

    I pledge to join my neighbors, community organizations and legislators, and use my influence to disrupt the disparities that have kept older adults of color from living longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

    I pledge my support for policies and programs that promote:

    Financial stability: Older adults of color deserve to have the same opportunities to save for retirement as their white counterparts.

    Healthcare access and affordability: Older people of color should have access to affordable health insurance and community health programs that promote their wellbeing

    Digital connectivity: Older adults of color deserve reliable and affordable access to broadband that allows them to connect with their family, friends and doctors, and combat social isolation.

    Sign the pledge today and tell us what you will do to make a difference.